Location: Santiago, Chile
Typology: Commercial / New Construction
Size: 300 M2
Status: Completed

The commission required the design of a chlorine sales and distribution center with executive offices. The site comprised of two fused lots is situated in an old urban industrial zone.
The owner’s requirements included that the project be built in two phases allowing for the existing center to remain open while the first phase be built on the adjacent empty plot.
The phasing required for the future structure to build a replica of the existing program which included a loading and sales area and chlorine storage tanks storage before demolition of the existing structure.
Being two blocks from a newly open metro station, the building represents the company’s transition from a small scale family business into a major distributer and the rebirth of the neighborhood.
At grade, an outdoor loading zone to the East and customer parking to the West setback the building’s front from the masonry clad neighboring buildings and street. A small pedestrian ramp leads directly to the outdoor sales and distribution area and main access to the building. The entrance is flanked a one story tank storage volume adjacent the loading area and a small personnel wing to the West.
Considering that most of the transactions take place outdoors, a light floating metal clad box supported by steel columns overhangs to provide cover to the outdoor sales and dispatch zone. These covered areas define outdoor spaces which are interconnected with each other and relate to the interior program.
The volume above houses offices and lightweight storage which can serve as additional future office space. A void on level two visually connects the sales point with the office area above.
The structure consists of a steel frame clad in undulated painted metal. Interior finishes are composed of polished concrete floors
and painted wall surfaces.