Location: Santiago, Chile
Typology: Commercial Retail / New Construction
Size: 60 M2
Status: Completed

Located in a long, curved and narrow retail space, the design for the specialty coffee espresso bar works with the horizontality of its retail shell to provide a fast paced and efficient take out coffee bar with a small seating zone. Due to its narrow floor plan and predetermined entry point, a long convex curved wooden service bar is located to greet the arriving customer. This low horizontal element incorporates the display case and houses the coffee preparation area as it bends to guide to the pickup zone and small seating area. A floating ceiling hovers above to define the space in plan while a slightly concave back wall painted in the brands color counterbalances to the composition. Interior materials include polished concrete flooring, wood and painted surfaces. Two large vertical black elements act as a portal to the seating area composed of a more private seating niche and bar seating with views to the outdoors.